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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Features

What makes the FREQ™ Ultrasonic Game Call different from other game calls on the market?

FREQ™ is the first ultrasonic electronic game call, offering a full spectrum sound that authentically replicates the real sounds of both predator and prey. This ensures more effective communication with animals, leading to noticeably more successful stands.

How many sounds does the FREQ™ Ultrasonic Game Call come pre-loaded with?

FREQ™ comes pre-loaded with over 200 sounds, spanning a diverse range of animals. Additionally, the device has the capacity to store 500 plus sounds, allowing for continuous expansion and customization.

How can I get to my favorite calls I use most often without having to scroll and search through all the different preloaded sounds?

FREQ has two favorite folders (Favorite 1) and (Favorite 2). Each favorite folder will hold up to 20 sounds in each folder, allowing you to select and store up to 40 of your personal favorite sounds. To start your list, go to our online downloadable instruction manual or refer to the printed instruction manual and follow the instructions in (8.) in the Table of contents “Favorites / Presets”

How can I play my best sounds quickly?

The FREQ comes equipped to play your choice of any three sounds quickly. you can locate the 3 programmable preset “Hot buttons” on the bottom of the remote.

It is easy to load your 3 programmable preset “Hot buttons” by going to our online downloadable instruction manual or refer to the printed instruction manual and follow the instructions in (8.) in the Table of contents “Favorites / Presets”

Can I attach a tripod to my call?

Yes. FREQ calls come with a 1/4-20 threaded Brass insert in the bottom of the call to allow the attachment of a standard tripod equipped with a male threaded 1/4-20 stud. It is a well-known fact that getting the sound source off the ground will enhance sound projection as well as decrease the risk of connectivity interference between the remote and call. High grass, rocks, and moisture can all interfere with good line of sight connection. Use your own tripod or check out our simple lightweight portable tripod at www.freqcalls.com

Why won’t the call show up on my computer when I plug in my usb-c cable?

You must be sure to have a battery plugged into the call and the rocker switch must be in the on position to show on the computer screen.

Why is my newly downloaded sound not showing in the remote category folder I put it into?

FREQ category folders are capable of storing 91 sounds, if you exceed this number the sound will not show on the remote. You may delete unused sounds in that full category to create room for the new download or you may create a new folder to put the sound into.

Why don’t my personal sound files show up on the remote screen?

When naming your sound files to be loaded onto the call, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Sound name must contain a 2-digit sorting number from 01-91.
  • Do not put a space between the sorting number and the sound name.
  • Be sure that your sound name does not contain special characters. (*#!@?$%^)
Why does my remote lose connection?

The remote is capable of maintaining line of sight communication and connection with the call at distances of 300 plus yards. The remote will work optimally if held level as you would normally look at the screen and point it toward the call. Line of sight without obstructions is key to good connectivity; Hills, brush, trees, and even your body will greatly diminish the connectivity of the call to the remote. Laying the remote on or close to the ground will almost always result in a temporary loss of connection, and putting the remote in the pocket and facing away from the call will generally cause connectivity disruptions as well.

Guarantee & Returns

Are there any conditions or exceptions to the 30-day guarantee?

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. If you don’t experience noticeably more successful stands and aggressive responses with FREQ™, we’ll buy it back. For any specific conditions or exceptions, please refer to our detailed guarantee page.

How do I initiate a return if I’m not satisfied with my FREQ™ Ultrasonic Game Call?

If you’re not satisfied with your FREQ™ within the 30-day trial period, simply contact our customer service team, and they’ll guide you through the hassle-free return process.

What is the duration of the trial period for the FREQ™ Ultrasonic Game Call?

You can try the FREQ™ Ultrasonic Game Call for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied with the results, you can return it, no questions asked.